Offizielle Regelklarstellungen jenseits der FAQ (englisch)

Alle Fragen zu den Spielregeln von Descent.

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Offizielle Regelklarstellungen jenseits der FAQ (englisch)

Beitrag von Parathion »

Im Zuge der Vorbereitungsarbeiten für die neue FAQ habe ich den berühmten GLoAQ ("Gathered List of Answered Questions") durchgeflöht und alle Fragen und Antworten zusammengestellt, die nicht in der FAQ auftauchen.

Alle hier enthaltenen Antworten wurden von offizieller Stelle gegeben.

Vielleicht kann Warfred dieses Thema dichtmachen und pinnen, Fragen und Diskussionen können dann in separaten Themen stattfinden.

Nach Erscheinen der neuen FAQ werden wir sehen, was es hineingeschafft hat, dann bessere ich diesen Post nach oder er kann entfallen.

Grundspiel + Nicht-Kampagnenerweiterungen:

1. Can a hero target his own square?

No. (Except via Dark Charm.)

2. Can a hero making a melee attack choose not to do damage with Power Enhancement results by claiming he is taking the Range result (which then has no effect)?

Yes. He is also not obligated to spend all his surges.

3. Pits

Pits have no effect on the line-of-sight or line-of-effect blocking abilities of the monsters contained inside them. A figure in a pit has its own line of sight restricted, but figures not in a pit treat that figure normally for purposes of line of sight.

4. In Descent: JiTD, how many movement points does it cost to move from inside a pit onto a mud space?

Three movement points.

5. Can a creature’s movement be halted by a Guard call while it is in the space of another creature? If so, are both creatures now legal targets for a Single Target (Non AoE) attack? And how would damage be dealt?

If the OL is foolish enough to have more than one monster in the same space in front of a hero with guard, then yes, the hero can attack both monsters in that space at once with a single attack. This is a pretty rare case, however, in that it only applies during the OL's turn when he's moving monsters through each other. After all, monsters cannot end their movement on the same space as another monster.

6. How do Appraiser and Bardic Lore interact
a) if one player has both skills? Does he draw the double number of cards? In pairs?
b) if two different players have these skills? Do they cancel each other out because if one player draws the cards the other isn't drawing the cards?

The appraiser only benefits his own draws (ie if there's 1 treasure per hero, the appraiser only gives 1 extra draw), then the bardic lore hero divies them up as normal.

7. Can a Hero with Acrobat activate Glyphs, or take treasures (gold, keys) from under a creature that is occupying the same square as the item. Can a Hero with Acrobat open a door in which both spaces in front of the door are occupied by creatures, as long as he does not end his turn in one of those spaces?

Yes to all. If this causes a hero to become paralyzed or something due to a trap, simply have the Overlord move the hero to the nearest empty space of the overlord's choice.

8a)Is a hero with Grapple really intended to keep 8 creatures in one place?
b)Can a friendly figure move through a space occupied by another friendly figure that is currently being grappled?

a) Yes. b) Yes. Grapple can only hold one figure per space, however.

9. The Hero must immediately spend fatigue to gain another attack using Rapid Fire, but must the attack be immediately used, or can a Hero move and then use the attack?"

It must be immediately used.

10. An area attack is made on a group of characters. The attack die are rolled and one Hero uses Dodge. Does the original roll take effect on the other Heroes, or does the newly rolled attack affect all Heroes?

The new roll effects all the targets.

11. In the instance where you have a figure blocking the Line of Sight of another figure, is that Figure targetable, no matter the circumstance?

For purposes of determining LoS for an attack, ignore figures that are not in LoS themselves.

12. Do the surges used to generate Threat for an Overlord get spent, or can they be used to activate effects? eg, the OL rolls 3 surges and has the option to use 1 Surge for 1 damage. Can the OL gather 1 Threat and +3 Damage, or only 1 Threat and +1 Damage? Clarified: Can surges used for Threat also be used for abilities?

Technically, you spend the 2 surges to gain 1 threat, so you can't use it for both things. With the Dark Prayer ability, you spend 1 surge to gain 1 threat, +1 Range, and +1 Damage.

13. There are many instances where something happened when the Hero “ends movement” on a square. Is the Hero required to stop his turn in order to end his movement, or can a Hero continue movement after the effect is complete?

Ending your movement means just that - not moving any more this turn. If you then move more later on the same turn, you didn't actually end your movement. You can still do other stuff like attack after activating a "?" marker, you just can't move any more.

14. Does Urgency generate threat?

Urgency's discarded cards do not generate threat.

15. Gust of Wind makes the hero's LOS 5 spaces. Does this count for Boggs as well?

Gust of Wind only affects the Heroes. Boggs is a familar and not a Hero and thus is not affected. Besides, rats can see in the dark.

16. There are three treasures that offer one-time healing to a hero: Jinn's Lamp, Amulet of Healing, and Crystal of Tival. All three say "Discard after equipping at the start of your turn..."... Should "at the start of your turn" just be ignored, or does it have some other significance?

It can only be used at the start of your turn after Step 2: Equip Items. The result is that you will have only 1 Other item (if any) equipped.

17. If a hero plays the Subterfuge Feat Card "Disarm" against an "Animate Weapons" trap card and succeeds with the necessary die roll, does the Feat Card cancel the Trap Card completely for all heros, or just for the hero who played "Disarm"?

It cancels the entire effect of the Trap card.
-Kevin Wilson
Fantasy Flight Games


Here is the response from Kevin Wilson via Sally at FFG:

"If you have the Knight skill you may activate it by spending 2 fatigue when declaring a Battle action. If you activate it then you gain 3 attacks instead of 2 and you also gain movement points equal to half your speed (round up). If you do not activate it you do not receive any benefit from the skill. You may only use the Knight skill once during your turn."

19. Do any figures block the heroes' line of sight for the purposes of spawning?

No, figures never block line of sight for spawning purposes.

20. OFFICIAL ANSWER FROM KEVIN WILSON: Guard cannot be used against a mimic until the overlord's turn, so it cannot immediately attack.

21. Could Thalia move 1 space, attack, and move 2 more spaces later? Her description says "she may move a number of spaces equal to her speed before or after attacking".

When using her special ability, she may not split movement like that, she may only move before OR after attacking.
-Kevin Wilson

22. Say Talia has a melee weapon equipped. She can use her guard order without any monster being adjacent the her and without being able to legally attack, just because her special ability allows her to possibly move into range of a monster before attacking. Is the attack mandatory for her to get the movement? So can she just discard her guard and move to town without attacking anything?

Anyone can 'use' their guard order anytime they want to on the OL's turn. They don't have to have a legal attack to do so, they can just waste it. Tahlia is only different in that it actually matters for her. The attack is not mandatory, merely the expenditure of the guard order.
-Kevin Wilson
Fantasy Flight Games

23. "Tahlia receives movement points as a result of her ability (it's the same wording as always), so she can perform movement actions with them. Note that if she opens a chest or a door or whatever, that's okay. It simply gets resolved and then (once her interrupt action is done) the OL's turn continues as normal. Think of it sort of as her getting an Advance instead of just an interrupt attack (but she doesn't REALLY get an Advance, so no munchkining combos). But no, she can't spend fatigue on extra movement, as it isn't her turn. Items like the ring of quickness don't give her extra movement because again, it isn't her turn. OLs beware, however, as she can use her interrupt movement to go through a glyph to town, or even to lurk in town with a guard order, only to pop back through into the dungeon on the OL's turn (remember, only 1 trip through the glyph per turn, though). You will need to watch your monsters around a guarding Tahlia. In fact, several of the heroes in AoD will force you to change your strategies. Hey, why should the heroes be the only ones to have to do that?
-Kevin Wilson
Fantasy Flight Games"


24. If the Overlord plays RAGE on a Lieutenant during a battle action, how many attacks does he receive - 3 or 4?

Two, actually. "Rage" reads: "Play when you activate a monster. That monster may attack twice during this activation (four times if it has Quick Shot)."
A lieutenant who has declared a Battle action may attack twice during his activation. "Rage" has no further effect - it is essentially granting the lieutenant an ability it already has. A much stronger play is to declare a Run action and then play "Rage," which would allow the lieutenant to move twice his speed and attack twice.

25. Can spawned monsters in outdoor encounters be activated the same turn or are they treated as reinforcements?

They are treated as reinforcements in all respects. The normal limit of one spawn card per turn still applies. They do not get to move until the next turn.

26. Can a hero place a rest order before entering a portal, and receive full fatigue when the next dungeon level begins?

I can find no reason why a hero cannot do this. (Although technically, he would not be restored to full fatigue until his individual turn began and would still lose his rest order if he somehow took damage before then.)

27. What happens to power cards in play during the final battle in the overlords keep?
Does the overlord still gain threat during the final battle in the overlords keep, and if so, what is the purpose of it?

All Overlord cards – including Power cards in play – are discarded as soon as the Avatar appears. The time for tricks and schemes has passed!
Technically, the Overlord still gains threat, but it no longer serves any purpose (so feel free to skip that phase of the turn).

28. Once the last of the heroes have entered the portal in a dungeon, does the OL receive a turn, or does he immediately begin constructing the next dungeon level?

The overlord immediately begins constructing the next dungeon level.

29. How many treasures are given out per treasure roll?

One treasure per blank rolled. Not per hero. Campaign mode is more about making the most of your resources than normal mode is.

30. How much gold does the party get from a coin pile? 100 total or 100 each still (400)?

400 coins total.

31. Can a party still pay to recuperate when in the wilderness?

You have to be in town to heal.

32. If a party chooses not to enter a dungeon, is it still crossed off, or can they visit it later?

No. Only if you flee from a dungeon or finish it does it get crossed off.

33. Since there are only 4 training tokens of each type are the heroes limited in the amount of training they can purchase?

The heroes are limited to the training tokens included in the game. If one hero hogs them all, that's going to be trouble for the party.

34. Does the Overlord gain Conquest when he cycles through his deck?

When the OL cycles his deck in RtL he does indeed gain 3 conquest.

35. Do creatures with Soar also have Fly abilities?

Yes. While outdoors (not while in a dungeon) creatures with the Soar ability have all the benefits of Fly in addition to Soar. Likewise, creatures with Fly retain all those benefits while outdoors, in addition to gaining the benefits of Soar.

36. (see also 25.) Reinforcement Markers

The reinforcement marker isn't used in outdoor encounters, but monsters should be brought in from off the board as per the reinforcement rule.

37. The rulebook states that a lieutenant or hero must end their movement in the same location to attack each other?

Heroes and Lieutenants must declare a move action if in the same location and wish to attack each other, but do not have to move a trail away from their current location during the move action.

38. With the plot card "Brother against Brother" and the "enslaved" lingering effect....It says that the Overlord gains control of the heroes turn, What does this mean exactly? Declare actions, re-equip/un-equip items, move, spend fatigue - in addition to attack?

Most of the restrictions that apply with "Dark Charm" also apply here.The overlord may declare an action for the hero. He may move the hero and make attacks as allowed by that action. (He may even place and spend order tokens such as Aim!) He may not force the hero to do any of the following: spend fatigue, spend health, drink potions, and items. He may also not force the hero to make an attack that includes himself in the area of effect. He may, however, re-equip the character following normal rules provided he does not violate any of these restrictions.
~Dan Clark
Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games
Kevin Wilson
Fantasy Flight Games

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Re: Offizielle Regelklarstellungen jenseits der FAQ (englisc

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Re: Offizielle Regelklarstellungen jenseits der FAQ (englisc

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