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Stark NA 2. Platz DM 2015

Verfasst: Mo 17. Aug 2015, 09:53
von dom

hier für mein Deck:

House Card (1)
House Stark Core Set 1

Plots (8)
Summoned by the Conclave A Hidden Agenda 1
Forgotten Plans Kings of the Storm 1
Fury of the Wolf Ancient Enemies 1
A Time for Ravens A Change of Seasons 1
The Aftermath The Prize of the North 1
Betrayal at the Wall The Horn That Wakes 1
The Winds of Winter The Winds of Winter 1
A Time for Wolves A Time for Wolves 1

Characters (37)
Ygritte The Horn That Wakes 1
The Hound Princes of the Sun 1
Northern Patriarch The Blue Is Calling 1
Theon Greyjoy Spoils of War 1
Brienne of Tarth Princes of the Sun 1
Old Nan Battle of Ruby Ford 1
Ser Edmure Tully The Champion's Purse 1
Ser Jorah Mormont Princes of the Sun 1
Jeyne Westerling A Song of Summer 1
Zollo Fire Made Flesh 1
Mance Rayder The Winds of Winter 1
Coldhands The Horn That Wakes 1
Samwell Tarly The Raven's Song 3
Carrion Bird The Winds of Winter 3
Hodor Core Set 1
Greenseer's Raven Secrets and Schemes 3
Catelyn Stark Lords of Winter 1
Mord The Blue Is Calling 1
Jon Snow The Horn That Wakes 1
Alleras A Hidden Agenda 1
Bolton Refugee Refugees of War 3
Ghost Core Set 1
Northern Cavalry Flank Scattered Armies 3
Robb Stark Lords of Winter 2
Yoren The Horn That Wakes 1
Sansa Stark A Hidden Agenda 1

Locations (17)
River Row Queen of the Dragons 1
Street of Silk Lions of the Rock 1
Northland Keep The Banners Gather 2
The Kingsroad Fire and Ice 3
Harrenhal Ancestral Home 2
Street of Steel Lords of Winter 1
Narrow Sea Kings of the Storm 3
The Roseroad Kings of the Storm 3
Street of Sisters Core Set 1

Attachments (6)
Grey Wind Lords of Winter 1
White Raven The Winds of Winter 1
Shaggydog Lords of Winter 1
Nymeria Core Set 1
Frozen Solid Lords of Winter 2

1. LOSS Targ NA, 2. WIN Lanni DWDW, 3. WIN GJ OldWay 4. WIN GJ NA 5. WIN Bara Conquest (Lannister)
Qf WIN GJ Black Sails, Hf WIN GJ TMP , Finale LOSS Stark NA

Die Idee war einfach etwas sehr sehr solides zu bauen. Der Fury Plot war sehr nützlich.
Nach dem Turnier würde ich über 3. Harrenhal und FrozenSolid nachdenken. Außerdem evtl den Claim 2 Plot für Fleeing to the Wall oder sogar Valar austauschen.