Aktuelle Warfare FAQs

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Aktuelle Warfare FAQs

Beitrag von Udo77 » Di 22. Jan 2013, 19:37

Aktuellstes Warfare FAQ: V1.4 vom 18.Jan 2013
Since the release of Campaign Book: Hades, the Dust Warfare team has been combing through the archives of player feedback in an effort to bring you the most comprehensive Dust Warfare FAQ to date.

Most notable to the update is the errata, which spans all three rulebooks. The Dust Warfare Core Rulebook sees some technicalities regarding the language used in certain special weapon abilities addressed, and Team is officially cemented as a special ability itself; Campaign Book: Zverograd receives a major update to its Air Cavalry special ability; and SSU players will be pleased to note that Campaign Book: Hades' super-heavy Karl Marx has received a bit of an Army Point reduction.

In addition to the errata, this FAQ addresses more new questions than any previous update. We take a look at the Hades Campaign, clarify the use of a number of special abilities, clear up issues surrounding multi-figure Soldier units on a single base, answer lots of questions about phasers, and much more!


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